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We've made a beautiful cyclingtrip in Madagascar. Below are some pictures and below them is some info with our route, GPS tracks and a height profile.

Here you can watch the video we shot during this trip.

Press F11 (=makes screen full frame) before watching the pictures. Use the left/right arrow keys to navigate.

The teaser:

Info Madagascar 2010

When you arrive at night at Antananarivo and you want to cycle to the city be careful, the streets don't have lights.

A nice hotel in Antananarivo is the Sakamanga hotel. You can park your bicycle in a locked garage and there is also a left lugage room were you can store your bicyclebox and use it again on your returnflight. We had a room in the 'soft' categorie and it was already great (ask for room 15). It's useful to make a reservation.

The roads we cycled were in good condition (sometimes a few holes or bumpy). Only the last part to Morandava is bad but on your cycle it's easy to slalom between the holes. Also the northern route from the RN 7 to Ranamafana is unpaved and has lots of stones.

In the villages watch for shops/food stalls who sell fried bananas. Very nice and great food for cyclists.

Madagascar is 587.041 km2 big and has 20.653.556 (2009) inhabitants. The Netherlands is 41.528 km2 big and has 16.515.057 (2009) inhabitants.

-Madagascar 1:1.200.000 van Reise Know-How. On the main highway the map is ok. Only the distances are not always correct. For example the stretch from Ambositra to Ranomafana was 138 km instead of 105 km.

-Lonely Planet van Madagascar & Comoren
-Bradt Travel Guides van Madagascar

Tour of Madagascar by Michael Ayers
Madagascar Travel Guide

On the 20th of september we took a bus from Morondava to Antsirabe and on the 26th of september we took the train from Manakara to Fianarantsoa (GPS track train)

DateRouteD (km)A (km/u)M (km/u)H (m)GPS trackHeight profile
12 sept. 2010Antananarivo-Ambatolampy72.2015.241.51093Day 1Day 1
13 sept. 2010Ambatolampy-Antsirabe98.3018.342.5660Day 2Day 2
14 sept. 2010Antsirabe-Mandoto107.6317.747.01103Day 3Day 3
15 sept. 2010Mandoto-Miandravazo119.2215.359.51535Day 4Day 4
16 sept. 2010Miandravazo-Malaimbandy116.4715.937.0865Day 5Day 5
17 sept. 2010Malaimbandy-Mahabo113.0516.544.5908Day 6Day 6
18 sept. 2010Mahabo-Morondava45.8914.720.526Day 7Day 7
21 sept. 2010Antsirabe-Ambositra96.4717.245.5692Day 8Day 8
22 sept. 2010Ambositra-Ranomafana138.9515.440.51508Day 9Day 9
23 sept. 2010Walk in Ranomafana NP7.3259Day 10Day 10
24 sept. 2010Ranomafana-Irondo78.7916.542.5633Day 11Day 11
25 sept. 2010Irondo-Manakara107.2815.148.5998Day 12Day 12
28 sept. 2010Fianarantsoa-Ambalavao57.9515.639.0652Day 13Day 13
29 sept. 2010Ambalavao-Zazafotsy104.5317.950.51161Day 14Day 14
30 sept. 2010Zazafotsy-Ranohira128.0919.845.5944Day 15Day 15
02 okt. 2010Walk in Isalo NP13.5454Day 16Day 16
03 okt. 2010Ranohira-Sakaraha112.518.951.01060Day 17Day 17
04 okt. 2010Sakaraha-Toliara130.7620.145.0575Day 18Day 18